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tv   Stossel  FOX News  October 13, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> and at wyoming. it is a forerunner and driven by the man suspected in the kidnapping and rape of an 11 year old girl in codey, wyoming on monday. she was found wandering by a group of hunters and the young victim provided this possible destription. a white male between 45 and 60 years old. a heavy guy and be you pound
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and short strawberry blondee hair or white hair . neatly trimmed mustache or beard. we'll have information on whether the f.b.i. believes it was connected to the kidnap murder of jessica ridgeway. we'll have the f.b.i. report on that in the bottom of the hour. you will hear a teen who survived being kidnapped by a monster. presidential politics and the latest on benghazi gate with senator bob corker back from libya. back here at home romney, the gop contender is widening his margin. what is so far unclear is whether thursday night's vice-presidential debate will move the polls one way orth
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other. three smart connected guests are here to weigh in. ab stodard joins u. and here in the studio with me. mord stucker man who owns the new york daily news and editor in chief. it is great to see everybody again. >> do you think that romney has it won? >> no one has it won when it is that close. he has the moment yum wind in his sails and sia suburb evening with 76 percent of the adults watching him and comparing him to obama. he came across wonderfully. if he continues that presence. he doesn't have to prove themselves as being presidential. we have established that. whatever obama does in the next couple of debates, i think he will win it. >> why are my business friends
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obsessed with the defeating of president. i don't know where you stand but tell me. >> most people in the business community believes that obama doesn't understand business or the national economy. we were in the worst recession since the great depression. it is our modern day version . this is something that everybody understands and not properly handled. and they understand what is done to restore confidence in the part of the business community and government and there is a change. and they watched president obama really kind of disengage in that debate on october third and they watched mitt romney and they underestimated how a terrific night break through and many people for the first time, and in the polls of course, tracked it
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immediately. president obama failed to ride the momentum he had built with bill clinton's speech and a lot of new donation and the that came to a screeching halt. democrats panicked when they saw the lead build nationally for romney in the days that followed. he was written off for dead before that debate and this shook them to the core special they were so worried about last week and they think that vice-president joe biden did a good job for their side they are worried about tuesday night. >> how did you see the presidential debate? did you see biden as being rude or boorish or did he walk all over your man? >> he was rude, and interrupting paul ryan who was trying to have an intellectual conversation with the american people and with the vice-president about where their policies of division and
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how they are work how america is looking for a new leader to lead us out of the economic situation we are in. >> what happened then in the second debate? can mitt romney lose this? i mean can president obama come out more confident and swaggering with more of the joe bidenesque combative tone? >> i don't think president obama can come back like a joe biden. i think mitt romney needs to hold his own and continue to talk about his plan for turning the economy around and leading this nation again. there is a void of leadership in this nation and with the obama administration. i think that mitt romney needs to talk about his plan for the future. i think that obama has a lot of ground to make up but i don't believe he will do that by acting like joe biden and being school master rude combatative-type of a person.
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>> amy, have you seen anything this precipitous in a race and trends take a while to change and is there time for the democrats to recover. >> now we know that things can change in 24 hours. there is a potential to change again. it is a volatile and anxious and disheartened electorate. these are not happy days and people who are still uncommitted don't like either of the candidates and don't like the choices. whether they become new voters is a question for any one that is the winner. anything can happen in the debates. if somebody falls back they are challenge don't know how to defend themselves can really change the dial. mitt romney's rise so suddenly showed us that obama a lead was fragile. >> there is something
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fundmental going on. we are in the worst economy since the great depression. 23 odd million unemployed or underemployed . 40 percent. these are government numbers, and this affected tens was millions of americans and this is in the context of what ever obama's programs put forth. they have failed. never go to a doctor whose flowers have died. his prescription and legislation failed and so people are not inclined to say give them another four years. he has a real problem to overcome special i don't see how he overcomes this. mitt romney establishes himself as a credible presidential alternative. coming up. is hillary's hand caught in
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>> no one wants to find out exactly what happened more than i do. i have appointed an accountability review board that has started examining whether our security procedures were appropriate, whether they were properly implement what lessons we can and must learn for the future. and we are working as thoroughly and expeditiouslyy as possible knowing that we cannot afford to sacrifice accuracy to speed. and of course, our government is sparing no effort in tracking down the terrorist
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who perpetrated this attack. >> i love hillary clinton, but it is obvious that the state department and intelligence community and white house are trying to deflect blame for benghazi-gate. let me ask my guests whether this will impact the election? a.b. stoddard and congressman. we thought foreign policy would be the president's strong suit and now it seems to be a cancer on the president? >> absolutely. this is presidential politics and it is clear to the american people they are misled in the whole process. why was the f.b.i. kept out of libya for a month? we know looking at the course ofentious vents it was a terrorist attack. they knew on terrorist 12 it was. and why was the american people misled and congress misled and why did the president continue weeks
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afterards to rel out suson rice ambassador to the un that it was in response to the video. it is time for the administration to come clean. the american people smell a rat. >> it -- is it someone evil and cover up? >> i think we don't know in terms of the political damage to president obama, hillary clinton and others in the administration until they come up with a reasonable explanation foria the state department told us there were no protestors and no reaction to a video or anything that happened spontanously that would create that violence that led to an assassination. until they come up with an explanation for why they told us that is what it was and the vice-president told us that that was the intelligence that they received, when the state
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department said that never happened. that disconnect is so big and large it is a huge problemm for the president until there is a reasonable explanation for why this exists. >> it is baffling and can you explain why they seem to say it was blue and it was red or it was tuesday when it was wednesday? >> it is not only the event that was a tragedy for an outtanning ambassador and three other americans. it is the way they describe it i don't understandd what they were about that they couldn't say look it was not a terrorist attack. they dramatically reduced the security in the face for the more security. it looked as if they skewed up and got into a difficulty for it and maybe they were trying to patch it over it is stupid. you don't want to believe it. >> i can't credit it because it is stupid to try to
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dissemble in that way. it seems so unlike someone secretary clinton who is so you know, capable and in every regard and highly regarded and i never heard her accused of lying and that's what it would be. >> and it was susan rice our ambassador to the united states. >> i don't know who informed her. that is the investigation and we are going to have to find out who told what to whom and when? and were they giving political coverage, or just misinformed. it is bound to be a loser for them. congressman, you get the last word. >> the administration was in contact with the embassy in tripoli and they knew it a terrorist attack and they sceep seem to be a trying to find a scapegoat. hopefully hillary clinton will
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not be. i think the american people want to know why they were misled and that's the over ques. >> where were they misled? >> it is presidential politics trying to make the president look better. but look at his policy. they don't want to use the word terrorism and stripped all of the words of terrorism and jihad out of the lexicon in the national counter terrorism and pentagon and is this a doning tread ertrend with the administration. >> it was. and i got to leave it there. >> it was doubly stupid. congressman thank you. thank you, ab. and just back from lib libya next.
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>> i think my god is that my sons? i don't know if he was shot. i don't know. they haven't told me anything. they are still studying it. and the things they are telling me are outright lies. >> i have no idea why it was spun that way. probably it was september 11th and no one wants to admit what happened on that day. >> grieving family members rresent the most painful aspect of benghazi-gate. and loss of family member in libya. as congress now probes whether the obama administration is covering up what they knew of
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the true nature of the attack. the loss of four americans and killing and capturing the people who murdered them should remain our central focus. joining us is senator bob corker back from libya. thank you for doing the program. when you were in libya, did you get a sense that the libyans want justice here and they want to bring the prerp - on perpetrators and get them to be held accountable. >> yes, they do. i met with them directly. this country has almost no institution and being built from scratch because qaddafi tore down all of the institutions of government. in fairness, it is going to be difficult. but there is a will. i think geraldo one thing people miss unlike many places
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in the middle east we have been they are appreciative of what americans have done to overthrow qaddafi and calls for a chance was representative government. you are hitting at the key of the bizarre presentation by the administration. it's been beyond me as to why they have handled this the way they have. the fact is in libya and the middle east. al-qaida and al-qaida-they are on the rise. there is no central control le there was before and it is harder to gather intelligence. when you don't have a government that has the capablity of going gance them there is a vacume and extremist are filling that and many other places where the arab spring took hold. >> i was speaking with your colleague and republican in
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georgia. he indicates it is at the desk of secretary hillary clinton where much of the responsibility lies. what say you? >> i know high nup the administration, they immediately knew this was a terrorist act and for people to be out five-days later on the sunday shows and all of the comments that occurred, what it makes me believe and this is my opinion is that the administration and the white house and the political arm felt like if americans thought it was a terrorist act, then there would be a chink against a president who let's face it. mission accomplished and spike the football and acted like he conquer al-qaida. nothing is further from the truth. it is it a troublesome world out there. and i think it was more about the politics of that. i think in the highest levels was our government, there is an effort to keep it from being a terrorist act and so
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that people would believe we vanquished terrorism while the election is underway. aren't you saying the administration lies. >> i don't like to use words like that and it infuriates me when people see that in the public arena. and there is not a cell in my body that they knew immediately it was a terrorist act. >> why was mbassador steven in benghazi? is it possible he was free lancing? >> no. no, no. he had meetings with local leaders and he had just side're said goodbye to the turbish ambassador and he had walked him out to the front of the consulate, it was a calm night and there was no actatives and he came back to you in the build all of the sudden, the assault came about. >> you think somebody in the libyan government is culpable
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and ratted him out? >> i don't know. you have been to the places and i have seen you cover places like this. libya is a place that is governed by militias and they are fragile because of all of the security issue that is exist in the country. i don't know. but i will say this, it was obviously known to people in the community that were meeting with him he was there and the initial comments about the fact that he was on vacation and he just happened to come in and check on folks that was fictitious. >> we'll watch with great about the probe that went forth. i know you made a stop on the jordan and syrian border. >> the arab spring no doubt ushered in on one hand hope for people as they try to create a representative government. on the other hand there is a
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question about the vacume that come with governments that are formed and groups are taking advantage of that and the region is very, very fragile. and i get the feeling that just a few things and a few strings pulled in one direction or the other could create and unleash a lot of problems in that area and obviously syria itself look at it. >> senator bob corker thank you for your courage. >> courage and tiffany hartley whether there is a conspiracy to fix gas price in california. is it a conspiracy by the refineries to screw california drivers. kill the design. design something totally original. do it again. that's good. kick out the committees. call in the engineers. call in the car guys.
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its journey. it is moving at a smail snail-- snail's pace. it is scheduled to arrive in the museum around midnight. i am marriy ann. back to geraldo at large on fox >> i wanted to hug all of my children. it was horrifying. i can't imagine how her parents feel. and just my heart goes out to them. >> using a missing puppy as bait. a len year old wyoming girl was lured in a toyota forerunner and then he kidnap raped the child. the f.b.i. is asking people in wyoming and other states for help in finding the vehicle
7:32 pm
and man suspected of pertraiting the crime. thankfully the child survived. as you know not jessica ridgeway, the kidnap murder and desecration happened before that a week ago friday 500 miles away in colorado. both the colorado and wyoming child abduction remind us of a case 7 years in idaho, we met a brave little girl named shasta. >> he was a sick monster who could do this to a child. abandon all hope ye who enter here in abandoned mine where sarah ridgeway's body was found. this reminding us of another girl who disappeared with her brother. >> i am sad other families have to go through what my family went through.
7:33 pm
when she was eight years old shasta and nine year old dillan was the subject of a massive manhunt after a violent abduction in idaho. >> i made it out okay. but my brother didn't. i wished it didn't happen that way. >> for the first time shasta now 15 speaks in detail about her ordeal to offer insight in the mind much a child sex predator. we were told that our family was still alive and they were going to be home when we came home and then, right before, we were told that we were going to be brought home, we were told they were not there anymore. my brother just kind of gave up home. - hope. >> the convicted sex predator blungoned her mom brenda and 13 year old brother slaid and fiance to death in the home
7:34 pm
invasion. i was trying to piece together what was happening. >> both children were abused by duncan before he torteur murdered nine year old dillan in a remote camp seat that shasta survived was a miracle. scared if i fought him something bad would happen. >> and after losing his family to brutal murder and for a time being the object of suspicion. steve grownings did not end there. he was stricken with throat cancer and had his voice box removed. >> thanks to shasta that you got dillan back. >> it is thanks to shasta. she could have met the same fate. i would not know where my children were. >> weeks after shasta's abduction. duncan was when he brought the
7:35 pm
child there for a late night meal. the terrified eight year old was recognized by a waitress and the police were call and the monstrous crime wave was over. shasta's testimony helped tod convict duncan who is serving three life sentences and awaiting other trials for crimes against children. >> you are incredibly brave for an eight year old to remember all . details enough so to put this guy behind bars forever. >> i liked putting him behind the bars for good . that helps me know that i changed someone's life for the better. >> he's gone to jail for being a predator yet he was out in the street. what are your thoughts? >> that makes me angry. i don't think that anybody
7:36 pm
that has that kind much - of background should be let out of the prison. >> it impacts you forever, doesn't it? >> yes definitely. people tell me to learn how to forgive and never forget. he can't ruin my life anymore than he has or take it or tear it down anymore. >> you must be proud of your daughter. she is incredible. >> i am extremely proud of her. >> so good to see them both and see how she grew up wonderfully, greg. >> was he bitter that he was a suspect? >> no, he knows that police have to eliminate family members who are responsible 86 percent of the time. he was estanged and steve said if he was not investigated he would think that the police were not doing all of the job.
7:37 pm
>> in jessica ridgeway's murder. her mom and dad were engaged in a bitter custody dispute. but the dad they say is not the focus. what do you know of the wyoming case where the child survived. is there a case that the wyoming case and jessica ridgeway case are connected? >> no, accord toth f.b.i. it appears to be a different incident. they think someone who knows the area and in wyoming, people are looking for a transient possibly living in a white suv and lured the child by asking to help find his puppy. it is something that shasta warning children never to talk to strangers or get in their vehicles and avoid walking alone. >> craig, thank you again and our love to shasta and to steve. >> f.b.i. national tip line on
7:38 pm
either of those cases. 1-800-call f.b.i.. 5324, to report to investigators in the wyoming or colorado cases. coming up. talk about being the focus was suspicion. tiffany reported that her husband was shot off of the jet ski. many people suspected tiffany of some kind of wrong doing. her vindication is next . then is there a conspiracy to fix the gas price in california. eric bolling joins us on that one next. bob...
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>> are you sure your husband got shot. >> yes. >> was he thrown out in the water. >> no, he was shot off of the jet ski. >> ma'am, were you shot at. >> yes. >> on the mexican or usa side. >> did you see anybody? there were three boats. >> the 911 call was greeted with a mix of emotion. shock and outrage because an american was attacked but the
7:43 pm
skeptics including mexican officials, and there was deep skeptism before tiffany hartley's story. was she telling the truth or covering up what happened in her husband. mexican arrested they escobedo a high ranking member of the cartel. and he is accused of taking part in high profile killings in mexico including the murder of u.s. tourist david hartley tiffany's husband on that day on falcon lake. david's wife tiffany joins me right now. tiffany, i wonder if you feel a sense of vindication. >> i feel relief that mexico authorities are final low admitting that david was murder in mexico and that the cartel had involvement. >> so many looked at you as suspicion. was there something going on
7:44 pm
with tiffany and david. they investigated private life and personal life. how was that to deal with? did that compound or make more aggravating the pain you suffered? >> not only did i lose my husband and witness him being shot and killed and then i am judged and my character was judged . i had questioned. i can't tell you how relieved i am to finally have that part and the critics can't tell me i was involved or anyone else you know. >> how did that lingering suspicion affect your life. >> there was a weight on my shoulders was constantly telling my story and convince people i had no involvement at all. >> your husband's body never recovered. did this give you a sense of closure. >> we want to get david's
7:45 pm
remains back home and bring them back to colorado and so we have the burial he deserves and hono him in the way he alwaysmented to be. >> did anybody ever apologize for doubting your story and spreading so much doubt among the media on both sides of the line? >> no, i haven't talked to or heard from the mexico authorities since the incident and since the very beginning. >> i yust want to tell you from my own personal point of view and behalf of anyone who doubted you for a single second. i am sorry you went through that double violation and you were victimized all over again in the aftermath of what happened to your house. - husband. >> you think your life will go on and you will be okay. >> life has to move forward and there is a lot of healing in the last probably 10 months since i have been out of the
7:46 pm
spotlight for a while. and so i really feel like i see the future, unfortunately it is not with david, but i do see a future and life moving forward. >> you are still officially married? >> i am still by legal documents married. >> your life is stalled for now. >> right, exactly. i hope this helps you get on with it. and i hope you love someone and they will take care of you. thank you very much. >> to oil in the gas price conspiracy. a barrel of oil is selling at 92 bucks. >> why are drivers in california paying more for gas now than thiwere when oil was costing $147 per barrel? >> i want to say that again. when oil was $147 we paid under five bucks of gas. and it was $147 and now it is
7:47 pm
$92 a barrel and yet gas is still the same price. is it a price fixing conspiracy. eric bolling next. ♪ ♪ we're lucky, it's not every day you find a companion as loyal as a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. [♪...] >> i've been training all year for the big race in chicago, but i can only afford one trip. and i just found out my best friend is getting married in l.a. there's no way i'm missing that. then i heard about hotwire and i realized i could actually afford both trips. see, when really nice hotels
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>> i also believe that we have to look at the energy source of the future like wind and solar and biofuels. >> at the same time gasoline prices have double electric rates are up and food prices are up . health care costs up by $2500 .
7:51 pm
middle income families are crushed. >> it is shocking. i have to spend it to fill up my car. >> 70 dollars. >> and the prices will go down a bit . then they will jack them up a bit. >> in california last week when gas prices went over five bucks a gallon and over six in some communitis and people were mad as hell for not doing enough to tap our oil supply. and i was mad myself. and the next guest said the gas price crisis was not a lack of oil but a conspiracy by a hand full of refineries to create a shortage to run up the price. that is charles langly with the consumer utilitiys action network and here with me in new york to check, the co-star of the five. eric bolling joins us.
7:52 pm
charles eric and i are listening. are the refineries manipulating gas prices. >> i believe the supplies are manipulated but not a conspiracy. what we have is is situation of very few refineries and so few competitors, it is easy to short the market and shut down a refinery and watch their profit margins in another refinery sky rocket. it is a p to restrict supplies. >> you are suggesting that they are intentionally crimping the supply. >> yes, they are business people and unfortunately this market has perverse incentives for them to under produce and it is more profitable to restrict than put the market with a surplus. >> charles, what do you think they run at capacity.
7:53 pm
what are they running at nationally here in california or -- >> typical 88 to 91. >> they are putting out 90 percent . doing what you are suggesting that would drop to 50 or 60. if they are running in 90 percent capacity that blows yourthesis out of the water. >> no they are exporting fuel to mexico and they claimed they couldn't make enough fuel for the state and that was the explanation for the high prices. they are dumping it over seas. fuel dumpingalt a loss. >> fuel dumping at a loss. >> in the business to make money and the answer to shareholders. >> aren't they indeed exporting refined. >> do you know why? they have concerns over seas are not near what they are
7:54 pm
here. requirements are so onerous to the refineries it is cheap yer profitable to sell to south american and even to china which is a bad premise. >> everyone has heard of the key stone pipe line and bring canadian oil in the united states. and most democrats oppose some or all of the key stone pipe lines and the republicans are in favor. >> we'll approve the key stone pipe line and get people back to work and get the oil in this country. >> why was it gasoline twice the price as when he came in that he cut in half the number of permits for drilling on public lands, he said no to the key stone pipe line. >> here is my question, gentleman. will the oil from canada brought in the united states with the environmental consequences, will it stay in the united states or pass through our country, our
7:55 pm
nation sovereign territory including environmentally sensitive area and get loaded on oil tankers and get shipped off to china or japan? >> well, the oil will go where the money flows and most of it will be exported outside of the usa. our gas prices are high, high as they were when oil costs $147 a barrel. >> how can that be, eric? >> we can solve it and make one blend of gasoline the standard and not the better part of 100 blends that require a summer and east coast and central continent and west coast blend. you use one and transport it anywhere the price of gasoline would drop. it has little to do with the availability of crude oil. it is 4.80 a gallon in chicago and 3.50 in new jersey.
7:56 pm
>> why should we fool with the key stone pipe line if it is exported. if oil is going to find the best home for the price. i am a free marketer. i want oil to go where the best price and it should be here in america and shouldn't be more expensive in our own country than it is to send it overseas. refined or not. >> charles are we paying market prices or is it artificially manipulated. is it about money grubbing? >> it is about business people doing what they are good at which is making money and the electric crisis we saw in california, producers learn if they shorted the market,s would sky rocketing 10-fold. that is simple and what smart
7:57 pm
business people do but not good economic policy and not a fair and competitive market. >> there is nothing illegal for a business to be long or short in the oil market. >> it is not simple as you build a pipe line and you have oil. >> it is simple as making one blend for gasoline. >> i am talking about everyone talking about the key stone pipe line reflecting in the price at the pump. >> any time you add more supply prices go down. that is crossing of the two lines and drop the price. i will tell you regulations are way more important than supply in the price of gasoline. >> thank you both. that's it for us, until next time thank you for watching, i will see you on the radio. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multi-vitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. it has more of 7 antioxidants
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